About Rebecca Enderby

I am a PhD candidate in the Geography Department at King’s College London. My thesis is on the political, social and ecological impacts of indigenous biofuel production in southern India draws on tools within critical political ecology (political economy, production of knowledge, environmental governance) to explore how global and national concerns with energy security and climate change are linked to discourses of farmer development and environmental restoration in the rural community. Within this I am interested in the gendered impacts of biofuels and the role of the plants themselves as an agent in a complex more-than-human network.

I am also a very keen photographer, with specific interests in documentary photography. I am fascinated by all things photography but I am particularly interested in how photography is used to inform understandings of the environment and nature (and the various constructions of both of these terms) and also in investigating identity. I hope to develop a personal photographic practice that uses photography to explore geography concepts around the production and politics of ‘[social] Nature’, human-environment/nature-culture dualisms and environmental governance as well as gender, identity and culture in a changing world….

…About this site…

….so this site explores the medium of photography, and occasionally the arts more broadly, in relation to some themes and concepts within (more than human) cultural geography.

I hope to develop a site that brings together photography and the arts to explore various understandings and constructions of concepts such as the ‘environment’ and ‘nature’, gender and identity, through a variety of resources, links to articles and reviews as well create an informal space to showcase some of my own photography and writing.

I don’t claim to have a strong theoretical background in photography or the visual arts, just a continually growing interest, so any ideas, links to various resources, corrections and so on are more than welcome (please see the contact page).


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