Conflict, women and changing gender roles in Burma

This beautiful and moving set of images, Act of Resilience by Marta Tucci (in collaboration with Foto8) explores the changing gender roles of the women of the Rohingya of Burma, one of “the most persecuted, vulnerable and forgotten ethnic minorities in the world”.

The cultural and historical roles and constructions of  ‘family’ and ‘society’, disintegrate in the presence of conflict, through the loss of male figures in combat and mass movements of people fleeing. Whilst not necessarily more vulnerable conflict affects the life of women in a fundamentally different, gendered, way. Women are “forced to assume new responsibilities, roles, strength of character and resilience”. Tucci documents this through a series of stills out together in a  video. Her mixture of posed subdued environmental portraits in the refugee camp and more candid photographs and landscapes make for a moving and through providing collection of images, made even more poignant by the accompanying music and sad story of Janna Ara narrated over the top.

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Photograph by Marta Tucci (copyright)


About Rebecca Enderby

I am a PhD student at King's College London, researching the politics of biofuels and their social and ecological impact in India. In general my interests lie within critical environmental geography, covering various issues around the environment, gender, power relations and the construction of nature. I am also a keen amateur photographer and I enjoy trying to capture some of my research interests through images, as well as photographing new environments, cultures and livelihoods. I am fascinated by bees, love yoga, art and photography, a good book, good coffee, Italian food and Turkish simit. I currently live in Bangalore, India, amongst Holy Cows and auto-wallahs, which I love, but my heart lies in London.
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